On the Tail of a Comet
The Life of Frank Buchman, a Small Town American Who Awakened the Conscience of World
Garth Lean

“Frank Buchman was one of the most charismatic and influential leaders in the Christian world during the twentieth century. Until Garth Lean’s biography was written, the story of Frank Buchman had never been fully told.” — James I. McCord

“A most remarkable man. Garth Lean’s memories and well researched account make fascinating reading.” — Malcolm Muggeridge

“One of the most extraordinary men in a period that may be distinguished in the annals of history as the Begetter of Great Leaders.” — Henry van Dusen in The Atlantic Monthly

“It is hard to think of any person in the history of Christiandom since the Reformation whose life has reached out to such a vast field. A gripping book … very much like a modern thriller.” — Canberra Times

“I owe him everything, all the spiritual adventure which has been my life.” — Paul Tournier

This is the first major biography of Frank N. D. Buchman, the controversial American who set out “to remake the world” through moral and spiritual change. Lean chronicles Buchman’s inner life as well as his public story — which is played out against the background of nations at war, the rise of black nationalist independence movements in Africa, leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Konrad Adenauer, and Harry Truman, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of men and women who were deeply influenced by Buchman's ideas. Buchman founded the Oxford Group and Moral Re-Armament, which is now known as Initiatives of Change, and provided the impetus behind other change-oriented initiatives such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Garth Lean was a British journalist and acclaimed biographer, known for his lively and compelling portraits of important Christian figures such as John Wesley and William Wilberforce.

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