The Knight’s Move
The Relational Logic of the Spirit in Theology and Science
James E. Loder and W. Jim Neidhardt

“A thoroughly fascinating and challenging book. … This is perhaps the most substantial response to have appeared till now to the creative work of T.F. Torrance, one of the most substantial (and most neglected) figures in recent Western intellectual history. It delivers a challenge to contemporary theological research and reflection to take seriously the reality of the natural and human sciences in their theological implications, and to engage in significant dialogue with these sciences.” — Alasdair I.C. Heron, Chair of Reformed Theology, University of Erlangen-Nurnberg

“The most original and creative integration of theological and scientific ideas to explicate the doctrine of the Holy Spirit for a holistic understanding of the nature of knowledge. It is a masterly exposition of a complex epistemological theme in simple language understandable by laypersons. Theological students, in particular, will be highly benefitted.” — Carver T. Yu, Head of the Religion and Philosophy Department, Hong Kong Baptist College

In The Knight’s Move, theologian James E. Loder and physicist W. Jim Neidhardt propose a unifying connection across the dualistic divide between theology and science in a generic concept of spirit — graphically represented by the “strange loop” relationality of the Mobius band.

This relational logic of spirit is disclosed in the “knight’s move” of discovery in both science and theology, whether in the leap of insight or in the leap of faith. In the pivotal knight’s moves of Niels Bohr’s complementarity in the exploration of quantum physics and Søren Kierkegaard’s qualitative dialectic in the exploration of human nature and the relational logic of the incarnation, the authors establish a model of spirit that illuminates remarkable interdisciplinary convergences in human development (Piaget), scientific discovery (Einstein), and theological knowledge (T.F. Torrance). This relational model also describes the fundamental pattern governing the transformational dynamics of human experience, from the individual journey of intensification to the corporate life of communal interaction.

The central insights of The Knight’s Move are grounded in the relation of human spirit and Divine Spirit, a gracious personal interplay pictured in the unending paradoxical unity of the strange loop. The foundation for the self-relational nature of human knowing provides a fruitful way of conceptualizing common roots in theology and science as revealed in the astonishing developments of the twentieth century.

Includes a glossary of key terms and concepts, an annotated bibliography of theology/science resources, and extensive indices.

James E. Loder was the Mary D. Synnott Professor of the Philosophy of Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary. W. Jim Neidhardt was Associate Professor of Physics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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