Listening To the God Who Speaks
Reflections on God’s Guidance from Scripture and the Lives of God’s People
Klaus Bockmuehl

“Here is a testimony of a life given to God, to be his listener. It is my prayer that this book will become a classic of devotion for all those who likewise have ears to hear.” — James M. Houston

In Listening to the God Who Speaks, Dr. Bockmuehl encourages the cultivation of a “listening heart” — day-by-day, obedient sensitivity to the voice of God. Tracing key themes in divine guidance first through the Old and New Testaments, he then turns to the “living testimonies” of church history and a crucial doctrinal struggle rooted in the Reformation that has left its legacy in secular and religious theology alike.

Dr. Bockmuehl weaves practical observations, advice, and challenge through discussions on: rediscovering the God who speaks today; the gift of divine instruction; from the promise in the Law and the prophets to its fulfillment in the New Covenant; the teaching of the Psalms on experiencing God’s guidance; following Jesus, the Great Listener; the guidance of the Holy Spirit: stories and lessons from Acts and the Apostolic Letters; vignettes of great listeners in church history: Augustine, Bernard of Clairvaux, Francis of Assisi, and others; the Scriptures vs. the “inner voice”: tensions in understanding how God guides the individual; receiving the divine gift of listening.

Widely respected for his careful theological inquiries into contemporary issues, Klaus Bockmuehl was professor of theology and ethics at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. until his death in 1989.

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