The Mediation of Christ
Second Edition
Thomas F. Torrance

“Torrance plumbs the depths of the divine Trinity and traces out the contours of forgiveness and healing which flow incessantly and lavishly toward us from the love which the Father and Son share in their innermost being. Here we are lifted out of preoccupation with the contrariness of self and made to repose in the gracious reality of the divine Self, finding our true selves in the fellowship of the eternal family of God.” — Ray S. Anderson

In The Mediation of Christ, Thomas F. Torrance sets forth a devotional theology of the atoning work of Christ in: the mediation of revelation; the mediation of reconciliation; the Person of the mediator; the mediation of Christ in our human response; the atonement and the Holy Trinity.

This important second edition adds a foreword addressing the reality of unconditional grace in relation to “the integrity of the response we are called to make in repentance for sin and in acceptance of Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.” Also added to this edition is a new final chapter, which further addresses the centrality of the Trinity in the atonement and the interlocking mission of Israel and the mission of the Christian Church in revelation and reconciliation.

Thomas F. Torrance was Professor Emeritus of Christian Dogmatics at the University of Edinburgh and former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. He was then associated with the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton.

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