The Transforming Moment
Understanding Convictional Experiences
James E. Loder

“Personally powerful, spiritually sophisticated, therapeutically sensitive — a resource for all who long to find the Face of God in the voids we face.” — James B. Ashbrook

“Lays crucial epistemological foundations.” — Thomas H. Groome

“I would recommend this book wholeheartedly to any contemporary student of religious experience.” — Donald L. Gelpi, S.J.

The Transforming Moment builds a framework for understanding human experiences in which the intrusion of the transcendent is felt upon ordinary modes of understanding reality. Interweaving psychology (developmental and psychoanalytic) and Christian theology, Loder establishes convictional insight as common ground in diverse types of knowing events-in the arts, in the sciences, in the practice of psychotherapy, in the structures of human development and spirituality.

Loder’s central concern for the relationship of human spirit to Holy Spirit is carefully developed in his explication of transformational logic, the universal structure of convictional knowing (conflict, scanning, insight, release, interpretation). He moves repeatedly from a theoretical to a practical level, providing guidelines for interpreting convictional experiences and utilizing case studies to illustrate and clarify.

This comprehensively revised edition adds a new preface, introduction, and epilogue from the author; a glossary of key terms and concepts; and an expanded index.

James E. Loder was the Mary D. Synnott Professor of the Philosophy of Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary and a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton. A Presbyterian minister, he received the Ph.D. from Harvard University, took his clinical training at Massachusetts Mental Health Clinic in Boston, researched the relationship of theology and psychiatric theory at the Menninger Foundation, and did postdoctoral work at Piaget’s Institut des Science de l’Education in Geneva.

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