God’s Politician
William Wilberforce’s Struggle to Abolish the Slave Trade and Reform the Morals of a Nation
Garth Lean

“Through all the political struggles and religious seriousness of Wilberforce’s life shines his attractive, almost fun-loving character. … Altogether a man it is a pleasure to learn more about.” — BBC World Service

“Even the most skeptical cynic about the role of religion in public life would not denigrate Wilberforce’s decades-long battle against [the barbaric evil of England's slave trade]. And even the most apathetic Christian must be inspired by Wilberforce’s determined obedience to the Christ who called him to oppose injustice.

“That is why Garth Lean’s book is so important. It is one of the best of the Wilberforce biographies. … I pray it will stimulate thousands of American Christians to follow Wilberforce’s example.” — Charles W. Colson

This lively biographical study tells the remarkable story of William Wilberforce, the Member of Parliament who experienced a profoundly spiritual conversion and then dedicated his life to abolishing the barbaric Slave Trade and reforming the morals of the late 18th and early 19th century Britain. God’s Politician explores the methods — both spiritual and political — that Wilberforce and his friends in the “Clapham sect” found so effective in changing the hearts of their countrymen and bringing about many important social reforms.

Garth Lean was a British journalist and prolific author. He held a master’s degree in jurisprudence from Oxford University and was a lifelong student of history.

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