The Presence of the Kingdom
Jacques Ellul

“Ellul’s most astonishing book … breathtakingly farsighted … an uncanny and virtually unerring perception of the forces and issues of contemporary social change which plague men and nations-and which, therefore, beset Christians in the world.” — William Stringfellow

This Second Edition of Ellul’s classic work, first published in 1948, brings back into print the volume considered by Ellul scholars “the necessary primer for all Ellul study.” In The Presence of the Kingdom Ellul calls upon Christians to be a radical presence in the world, opposing its death-wish and its ideologies with a revolutionary way of life that brings the transforming power of the gospel to bear upon all facets of individual as well as collective human existence.

The Helmers & Howard edition adds a newly-written preface by Ellul reflecting on the circumstances and challenges that prompted him to write the book; an insightful introduction to major themes in Ellul’s life and thought by Daniel Clendenin; a bibliography of Ellul’s works; and a comprehensive index.

Jacques Ellul, a prolific writer and thinker, continues to be widely respected for his brilliant analysis of the sociological and spiritual crises of our technological age.

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ISBN-13: 978-0939443147