The Unreal God of Modern Theology
Bultmann, Barth, and the Theology of Atheism: a Call to Recovering the Truth of God’s Reality
Klaus Bockmuehl

“In a detailed analysis this thoughtful and informative study presents a keen diagnosis of the church’s sickness today under the influence of Bultmann and the early Barth. It also offers a timely prescription for recovery with redirection to the reality of God savingly self-manifested in the reality of human history.” — Geoffrey W. Bromiley

The Unreal God of Modern Theology identifies and traces a “sweeping rule” in twentieth-century theology which, under the pressures of a modern secular world view that allowed no room for divine intervention in the world, “consistently removed the things of God from the reality of time and space in which we live.” A generation of influential theologians (the early Barth, Bultmann, Tillich, Sölle, and others) so weakened the doctrine of God, Klaus Bockmuehl contends, that they ultimately severed it from the realm of real concerns — as Marxist theorists have been quick to point out.

This philosophical cast centered on the unreality of God — a factual, if not a nominal, atheism — has contributed to disturbing developments today: a deep rift between theory and practice; an experiential vacuum of God’s presence in the world and in individuals; the accommodation of Christian theology to political ideologies; a nominal and increasingly secularized Christianity; the defensive posture of a church increasingly self-preoccupied, in withdrawal from the agonizing needs of the world around it.

Dr. Bockmuehl urges a recovery of the truth of God’s reality through study of the biblical record of God’s work in history and through vital experience of the living and active God who is very much present in his redemptive work of changing individuals and the world.

Klaus E. Bockmuehl (D. Theol., University of Basel) was professor of theology and ethics at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. He formerly served as chaplain to students at Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, West Germany, and as lecturer at St. Chrischona Bible Seminary in Basel, Switzerland. He was founding secretary of the Society of Christian Ethics in Switzerland and for many years served as a member of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship.

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