Helmers & Howard offers you a selection of books that aim to stir and renew Christianity in our generation toward becoming a witness more fully devoted to God and equipped for redemptive engagement in the modern world — especially encouraging biblical spirituality, Christlike character, progressive but faithful theological inquiry, bold witness, and courageous ethical involvement and influence in society.

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The Presence of the Kingdom
Second Edition
Jacques Ellul

“Ellul’s most astonishing book … breathtakingly farsighted.” — William Stringfellow

Traveling Light
Modern Meditations of St. Paul's Letter of Freedom
Eugene H. Peterson

“Like a skilled eye doctor, Peterson turns the lens that clears our vision.” — Rebecca Pippert

The Mediation of Christ
Second Edition
Thomas F. Torrance

“Here we find our true selves in the fellowship of the eternal family of God.” — Ray S. Anderson

The Transforming Moment
Understanding Convictional Experiences
James E. Loder

“Personally powerful, spiritually sophisticated, therapeutically sensitive.” — James B. Ashbrook

The Search for Christian America
Mark A. Noll / George M. Marsden / Nathan O. Hatch

“A careful and sensitive study … gives us needed help in using our past wisely.” — The Presbyterian Journal

The Struggle of Prayer
Donald G. Bloesch

“Essential reading for anyone serious about prayer.” — Christianity Today

The Knight’s Move
The Relational Logic of the Spirit in Theology and Science
James E. Loder and W. Jim Neidhardt

“A thoroughly fascinating challenge to theological teachers and students to engage seriously in dialogue with the sciences.” — Alasdair I. C. Heron

On the Tail of the Comet
The Life of Frank Buchman, a small town American who awakened the conscience of the world
Garth Lean

“Frank Buchman was a most remarkable man. Garth Lean’s account makes fascinating reading.” — Malcolm Muggeridge

God’s Politician
Garth Lean

“I pray God’s Politician will stimulate thousands of American Christians to follow Wilberforce’s example.” — Charles W. Colson

The Unreal God of Modern Theology
Bultmann, Barth, and the Theology of Atheism: a Call to Recovering the Truth of God’s Reality
Klaus Bockmuehl

“A keen diagnosis of the church’s sickness today with a timely prescription for redirection to the reality of God.” — Geoffrey W. Bromiley

Listening to the God Who Speaks
Reflections on God's Guidance from Scripture and the Lives of God’s People
Klaus Bockmuehl

“Listening is the inward hearing in which we are united irrevocable to the purposes of God. Here is the testimony of a life given to God, to be his listener.” — James M. Houston

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